Mrs. McCormack

Teacher – Grades 1 and 2

Amy McCormack was born in Vermont but grew up in Western MA. Her parents have since returned to VT, and it is one of her favorite places to visit with her husband and two children. Mrs. McCormack loves cooking new and old favorite recipes, reading, going on letter boxing walks/hikes with the family, watching movies and spending as much time as possible at or near the beach.

Mrs. McCormack started teaching at Cornerstone in 2001. Other than a few years at home when her children were young, she has worked at the school in some capacity since then, returning full-time in 2011. Her two children are now also benefitting from being a part of the Cornerstone Community.

Her 1/2 class is continuously engaged with motivating, exciting projects and units of study on topics such s the rainforest, prairie life, oceans and space exploration. Her multi-faceted curriculum allows the students to develop critical literacy, math and science skills across subject areas.

Amy McCormack