Personal Learning Plans

Personalized Learning Plans

At Cornerstone, we utilize personal learning plans for each student. Personal learning plans (PLPs) are developed in collaboration with students and teachers and are gaining momentum across the country as a concrete way to help children achieve both short and long-term learning goals in school. While plans and processes differ across settings, most PLPs encourage students and teachers to reflect on their individual learning strengths and weaknesses, identify specific skills gaps, and take note of passions, interests and hobbies that can be incorporated into the student’s learning.

PLPs allow for celebration of major learning accomplishments and milestones, and really encourage students to learn to understand their own learning styles and take responsibility for their own learning. Similarly, the PLP process helps teachers and parents show active involvement and partnership in education while gaining a stronger understanding of the uniqueness of the child.

Insights from the PLP can shape and define the direction and nature of classroom learning to best reflect and support the needs of each individual learner. At Cornerstone, we incorporate this process formally with report cards. Informally this is accomplished with daily communication journals, anecdotal observations, and portfolio assessments.

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