Why Private School?

Transitional kindergarten through Grade 6 are the most formative years in your child’s education. Integrity, attitude, work ethic, confidence, and a sense of life’s possibilities are all shaped during this crucial span from early childhood to adolescence. So, too, are the keenness of intellect, range and depth of knowledge, academic and social skills, and interest in continued self development. The right school can make a profound difference in a child’s development and future.

Since 1996, Cornerstone Academy has helped hundreds of parents raise confident, well-educated, high-achieving, kind, young children on their way toward fully realized lives.

A good education is not guaranteed by the latest educational trend, the flashiest textbooks, or the most expensive computers in each classroom. The best education is one which teaches the child to respect himself/herself and others and to act in ways that benefit himself/herself and others. This can only be achieved with a well-honed philosophy and a carefully designed program, consistently and effectively implemented.

Cornerstone Academy’s well-defined philosophy, consistent approach to childrearing and accelerated learning program produces graduates who stand out from their peers. Our educational program is designed to meet the individual needs of your child not the middle of the class.

A school that vacillates in its goals and methods or tries to please everyone has a difficult time upholding high standards of academic rigor, integrity, comportment, courtesy and presentation.

Cornerstone Academy is known for its high standards and the consistency and fairness with which they are upheld.

A school that must accommodate everyone cannot best serve anyone. Large populations with vastly differing needs, shifting educational theories, the pressure for political correctness, and one-size-fits-all approach of governmental regulations hinder the development of a strong and effective educational program.

Cornerstone Academy is an independent school, which has developed an outstanding educational program and a commitment to high ideals, within a warm and uplifting environment. At Cornerstone Academy, excellence is not a bumper sticker; it is a way of life.

At most elementary schools, 20 to 25 students share the attention of one teacher whose energies are spread across several subjects. Scarce resources may limit art, music, drama and other important and enriching experiences.

In Cornerstone’s small classes (12 to 15 students), students are taught on an individualized level, which matches the student’s academic ability. The Cornerstone Academy integrates field trips and hands-on learning in a nurturing environment, which enhances the overall learning experience.

In many schools, well-intended teachers struggle to help their students progress, but they do not always have administrative or parental support.

At Cornerstone Academy, parents, teachers, and administrators work together to lovingly and firmly guide children toward good character, kindness and courtesy, a strong work ethic, a superior education and optimism about their own potential.

Cornerstone Academy offers a truly exceptional learning experience to a diverse educational community of students from Transitional Kindergarten through Grade 6.

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